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In our effort to provide a fully accessible user experience for all site visitors, Three Sixty Real Estate Solutions has taken measures to ensure an excellent user experience, regardless of the assistive technology being used to access this site or the specific abilities of those individuals seeking access to this site. The information below suggests how to obtain the best user experience on our website and explains what we have done to make the website accessible.

Platform Compatible

  • Compatible with multiple platforms
  • Offering keyboard-only access for navigation of web pages and documents without a mouse
  • Built-in accessibility tools in modern web browsers and mobile devices

The importance of keeping your browsers up to date

We recommend using the most current versions of computer-based assistive technology applications and browsers. There are easy-to-use controls for adjusting the size and colors of content on a web page. By using the controls provided by your browser, you can personalize the content presentation to suit your needs. Keeping your browsers up to date will ensure that you have the most options for accessibility. Newer browsers tend to provide more display options to make content accessible and may work better with assistive technologies.

We Are Here for You

We appreciate any feedback regarding accessibility needs that are not being met so we may evaluate the situation and attempt to provide the information you are seeking through an alternate channel. We are always open to making improvements to provide the best possible online experience for our users.

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